Annual Meeting, Brussels, 21-24 of June 2022

General Assembly 2022

On 21-24th June 2022, we finally had the pleasure to host our annual meeting in person in Brussels! Through modern technology, we could also connect with remote participants, which enabled the most inclusive result. Although a very late start in organisation due to unstable COVID-19 pandemic situation in Europe, the vast majority of venues being fully booked, multiple organisation challenges, Amsterdam Schiphol airport madness, Belgian public transport strike on Monday 20th of June and Brussels airport closure leading to multiple flight cancellations, the EU Advisor mandatory COVID-19 quarantine, the coordinator’s car broken down on the way to Brussels, we can safely say that.. the meeting was a great success!

Despite all the challenges, we had 3,5 days filled with state-of-the-art science conducted in WP1-6 in WP overview and scientific highlights, ECS talks, a poster session, and a region-oriented session cross-cutting through all scientific WPs. Apart from multiple scientific sessions, we also had a fantastic exchange and valuable input with the International Advisory Board and Stakeholder Reference Group providing an external point of view and knowledge. The diverse scientific expertise resulted in interesting and truly stimulating discussions. During the 3.5-day meeting, we could make key decisions on the work plan for the final months of the project.

The final meeting preparations are underway so stay tuned!