Overall objective:

COMFORT will close knowledge gaps for key ocean tipping elements within the Earth system under anthropogenic physical and chemical climate forcing through a coherent interdisciplinary research approach, and aims to provide added value to decision and policy makers in terms of science-based safe marine operating spaces, refined climate mitigation targets, and feasible long-term mitigation pathways. It focuses on the triple threat of (1) warming, (2) deoxygenation, and (3) ocean acidification, and how to optimally deal with this threat.

The following specific objectives will be addressed (CT=core theme, WP= work package) – COMFORT aims to:

  1. Identify climate-induced ocean tipping points and attribute them to processes (CT1, WPs 1-2).
  2. Quantify related impacts and establish multi-dimensional safe operating spaces (CT2, WPs 3-4).
  3. Provide respective mitigation targets and options, as well as projected mitigation pathways (CT3, WPs 5-6).
  4. Integrate stakeholder knowledge and provide new results including data to users (CT4, WPs 7-10).