COMFORT has produced vast amount of model outputs (historically and future scenarios) as well as in-situ observations, such as ocean hydrography, biogeochemistry and biological data. Additionally, some model data and historical observations were obtained from public data portals and reuse in COMFORT papers and deliverables. After the conclusion of COMFORT, the data can facilitate and contribute to further analysis and research on ocean environment changes.

Information about the COMFORT data is presented (and continuously updated) in this Google spreadsheet. This comprehensive table includes dataset descriptions/summaries, the data origin, task status and where the datasets can be accessed and downloaded. Many data have already been published with a DOI and are openly accessible and reusable. The rest are part of ongoing tasks or are in the process of being published. All data will be made open access by the end of the project, following the Open Research Data Pilot (ORDP) and the FAIR principles for data management. Information about the published datasets will be updated in the EU scientific data portal continuously.

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A comprehensive table has been conceived to record and collect COMFORT research data: Link to the Table
All research data collected will be updated on the EU portal shortly.