You will find in this page an Interactive Agenda of the COMFORT final annual meeting: (1)   PPT: Presentation Slides; (2) VIDEO: Recorded Video of the Presentation; (3) NOTE: Written record of essentials; (4) ZOOM Chat: Conversation in the chat during the presentation; (5) PHOTOS: Captured pictures during events.


Hybrid Annual Meeting 2023 of EU H2020 project COMFORT 

"Our common future ocean in the Earth system – quantifying coupled cycles of carbon, oxygen, and nutrients for determining and achieving safe operating spaces with respect to tipping points" 

9-12 May 2023, Bergen, Norway 

Venue address: Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz, Rosenkrantzgaten 7, 5003 Bergen 

Tuesday 09.05.2023 

08:30-09:00 (CEST)  Welcome, registration & signature on the participant list 
09:00-09:10  Tor Eldevik, Head of Department, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen welcome remarks   

Christoph Heinze 

09:10-09:25  Brief general welcome address and COMFORT overview Christoph Heinze, project  


09:25-09:30  Housekeeping announcements   Dagmara Rusiecka 

CT1: Core Theme 1

09:30-09:45  WP1 brief overview and 4-year summary   Judith Hauck (AWI) 

Yevgeny Aksenov (NOC) 

Work Package 1

09:45-10:00  WP1 talk: “Ecosystems under pressure: Projections of ocean physics and biogeochemistry demand adoption of Weddell Sea Marine Protected Area”   Cara Nissen (AWI) 
10:00-10:15  WP1 talk: Potential of iron as a driver of 'unconsidered' tipping points   Ying Ye (AWI) 
10:45-11:00  WP2 brief overview and 4-year summary   Thomas Frölicher (UBERN) or Steph Henson (NOC) 

Yevgeny Aksenov (NOC) 

Work Package 2

11:00-11:15  WP2: “Detection of abrupt habitat loss in the past, present, and future”   Friederike Fröb (UiB) 
11:15-11:30  WP2: “Does AMOC weakening tip global nutrient redistribution and NPP increase”   Ralf Liebermann (PIK) 

CT2: Core Theme 2

11:30-11:45  WP3 brief overview and 4-year summary   Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu (NERSC) 

Thorsten Blenckner (SU) 

Work Package 3

11:45-12:00  WP3 talk: “Tracing impact of climatic changes from physics to fish on the North West European Shelf”   Helen Powley (PML) 
12:00-13:30  LUNCH BREAK 
13:30-13:45  WP4 brief overview and 4-year summary   Thorsten Blenckner (SU) 

Thorsten Blenckner (SU) 

Work Package 4

13:45-13:55  WP4 talk: Eco-evolutionary dynamics of the Northeast Arctic cod fishery in a warming ocean   Jaideep Josh (IIASA) - D 
13:55-14:05  WP4 talk: The effects of future novelty on marine protected areas   Lea Hahn (SU) - D 

CT3: Core Theme 3

14:05-14:20  WP5 brief overview and 4-year summary   Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR)   

Work Package 5

Jörg Schwinger (NORCE) 

Work Package 6

14:20-14:35  WP5 talk: “Exploring the Potential of Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal Approaches in Achieving Multiple Mitigation Targets”   Giang Tran (GEOMAR) 
14:35-15:05  COFFEE BREAK 
15:05-15:20  WP6 brief overview and 4-year summary   Jörg Schwinger (NORCE) 
15:20-15:30  WP6 talk: Response of the Earth system to zero emissions and reversibility under negative emissions   Jörg Schwinger (NORCE) 
15:30-15:40  WP6 talk: The adaptive emissions reduction approach and its applications   Thomas Frölicher (UBERN)   
15:40-16:20  Panel break out session I: Early Career Scientists   Moderator: panels’ chairs 
16:20-16:40  Panel break out session II: Gender   
18:00-19:00  ICE BREAKER  

Wednesday 10.05.2023 

09:00-09:45  Feedback from IAB    IAB members 

Christoph Heinze

09:45-10:45  Key-note speaker lecture: “Integrating marine and terrestrial biogeochemical cycles: Japanese Earth system modelling activities with an emphasis on the oceanic components” - digital    Michio Kawamiya - D 
10:45-11:15  COFFEE BREAK 

CT4: Core Theme 4

11:15-12:15  WP7 brief overview and 4-year summary and SRG talks SRG members  Helena Martins 
12:15-13:30  LUNCH BREAK 
13:30-14:00  General information from the European Commission and intervention for the consortium   Karsten Gödderz (CINEA) - D  Christoph Heinze  
14:00-14:10  WP8: Data management   Juliano Ramanantsoa (UiB) 

Dagmara Rusiecka 

14:10-14:20  WP9: Finance   Hege Høiland (UiB) 
14:20-14:40  WP9: Management and communication   Dagmara Rusiecka (UiB) 
14:40-14:45  Member general assembly, discussions, Q&A Christoph Heinze 
14:45-15:15  COFFEE BREAK 
15:15-16:45  WP1&WP2 break out session    Moderators: Judith Hauck & Thomas Frölicher 

Thursday 11.05.2023 

08:30-10:30  WP3&WP4 break out session Moderators: Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu & Thorsten Blenckner 
10:30-11:00  COFFEE BREAK 
11:00-13:00  WP5&WP6 break out session Moderators: David Keller & 

Jörg Schwinger 

13:00-14:30  LUNCH BREAK 
14:30-15:00  SSC break out session    Christoph Heinze 
15:00-15:10  Rapid fCO2 rise in the northern Barents Sea and Nansen Basin - digital   Ylva Ericson (NPI) - D 

Friederike Fröb (UiB) 

15:10-15:20  Long-term impacts of global temperature stabilisation and overshoot scenarios: Committed habitat loss and overshoot legacy for global marine species'   Anne Moree (UBERN) 
15:20-15:30  Evolutionary responses to present and future temperature conditions in 40+ commercially exploited fisheries of the North Atlantic using an elasticity-analysis approach - digital   Anna Shchiptsova (IIASA) - D 
15:30-15:40  Bivalves reveal a potential incoming regime shift in the northern North Atlantic - digital   Beatriz Arellano Nava (UEXE) - D 
15:40-15:50  Role of regional drivers in the determination of hotspots for coral bleaching and HAB occurrences   Ranith Rajamohanan Pillai (NERCI) 
15:50-16:30  COFFEE BREAK 
16:30-18:30  Poster session: in-person only
18:30  DINNER 

Friday 12.05.2023

09:00-09:45  Discussion on the synthesis paper for CT1 (D4.1) by Thorsten Blenckner (SU) Moderator: Christoph Heinze 
09:45-10:30  Discussion on the synthesis paper for CT2 (D7.5) by Thorsten Blenckner (SU)
10:30-11:00  COFFEE BREAK 
11:00-11:45  Discussion on the synthesis paper for CT3 (D2.4) by Christoph Heinze (UiB) Moderator: Christoph Heinze 
11:45-12:30  Discussion on the synthesis paper for CT4 (D6.5) by Fortunat Joos (UBERN) - D  
12:30-12:40  Closing remarks Moderator: Christoph Heinze 

*D: Join on Digital