Meteo-France (MF-CNRM)

Description of the Organisation

The Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques (MF-CNRM) is the research department of Météo-France. It is responsible for conducting the largest part of the research activities in weather forecasting, climate modelling, atmospheric chemistry, land-surface processes including snow related processes, oceanography, and for coordinating research/development within other departments of Météo-France, from the historical data rescue to numerical weather forecast, avalanche prediction, or wave and storm surge forecasting. Within MF-CNRM, the climate research group «GMGEC» is in charge of the development of global state-of-the-art CNRM climate models (CNRM-CM) and Earth system models (CNRM-ESM), which includes components dealing with the atmosphere dynamics and chemistry (ARPEGE), ocean and sea ice (NEMO-Gelato), land surface & biosphere (SURFEX), and oceanic biogeochemistry processes (PISCES). Alongside the development of its climate and Earth system model, MF-CNRM contributes to the study of climate variability, of the projection of climate at global and regional scales, of atmospheric chemistry, ocean-air interactions and global carbon cycle. MF-CNRM has a long history within the climate research community and contributes to the successive IPCC reports.

Expertise particularly relevant for the project

As the French weather forecast institution Météo-France (MF-CNRM) has closed connection with policy and stakeholders. Besides, Météo-France is deeply involved the COPERCINUS Climate Services as a providers of seasonal climate prediction at European scale.

For more information please visit: MF-CNRM website.