Sveriges Meteorologiska och Hydrologiska Institut (SMHI)

Description of the organisation

SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, is an expert agency under the Ministry of the Environment and Energy. SMHI is providing decision-support to a broad range of end-users, based on meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climate information. The institute is responsible for national monitoring and modelling in these fields, data archives and refinement of information for societal needs. SMHI is representing Sweden in relevant international organisations, e.g. ECMWF, WMO, EUMETSAT and IPCC. SMHI is also the host of the International Project Office for CORDEX. The institute has a strong R&D focus with 110 full time scientists, with climate research involving all six research sections, including the Rossby Centre which is a leading partner in the development of EC-Earth Earth System Model. SMHI employs a highly interdisciplinary international staff suitable for successful work in international and interdisciplinary consortia.

Expertise particularly relevant for the project

SMHI is involved in many national and international projects; currently the Rossby Centre and the Oceanography research department are involved in eight H2020 Projects, including CRESCENDO and PRIMAVERA, and the Rossby Centre is currently running Copernicus ‘C3S production of European climate projections’. SMHI is the main coordinator to the Community Earth system model EC-Earth that comprises all relevant compartments for Earth system research and climate change research. SMHI is leading CRESCENDO’s Work Package on knowledge dissemination.

For more information visit SMHI website.