Universität Bern (UBERN)

Description of the organisation

The host institution will be Climate and Environmental Physics, Physics Institute at the University of Bern (UBERN). With 17,500 students and 2,700 PhD students, UBERN is the third largest university in Switzerland and is ranked 105 in The World University Rankings 2018. The university’s comprehensive offering includes 8 faculties with more than 150 institutes. UBERN hosts several internationally recognised research centres, such as the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research, which bundles the research activities on climate change across four faculties. UBERN is very experienced in managing EU Grants and has been involved in projects since FP3. For FP7 and Horizon 2020, this amounts to about 130 and 60 grants, respectively. UBERN has endorsed the “The European Charter for Researchers” and “The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers”. European grants are managed by the Euresearch office, which is part of the Grants Office. For FP7, UBERN has 109 completed projects. UBERN currently hosts about 80 EU-funded projects from FP7 and Horizon 2020.

Expertise particularly relevant for the project

Climate and Environmental Physics (CEP), UBERN, has more than 40 years of experience in modelling biogeochemical cycles, climate, and the Earth system. CEP has pioneered reduced form models and Earth system models of intermediate complexity and has extensive experience in applying state-of-the-art Earth system models. The overall focus of the Climate and Environmental Physics department (CEP) is to understand the environment, its present and past and its evolution on time scales from decades to one million years. The department currently has a scientific and technical staff of around 60 people. During the three years from 2015 to 2017, 132 papers have been published and 10 PhD theses completed. 9 papers were published in Science and or Nature journals. Members of CEP have been involved in all major IPCC Assessments since the First Assessment Report and contributed to IPCC as Co-Chair of Working Group I, as Vice Chair of WGI, and as coordinating lead authors, lead authors and review editors in various Reports and Technical Papers.

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