Universität Bremen (UBREMEN)

Description of the organisation

The University of Bremen is a medium sized university in Germany with special focus on marine research. Both the university as a whole and the Center for Marine Environmental Sciences (MARUM) are funded by the German national excellence initiative. At MARUM, the scientific information system PANGAEA® is located, which is a system for acquisition, processing, long term storage, and publication of geo-referenced data related to earth science The department of oceanography at UBREMEN is specialised in hydrographic and tracer measurements along deep ocean sections and data analyses. With its expertise, UBREMEN has contributed to several international oceanographic projects, such as CLIVAR, CARBOOCEAN and SOLAS/SOPRAN.

Expertise particularly relevant for the project

The department of oceanography at UBREMEN has performed measurements and analyses of transient anthropogenic tracers (CFCs, SF6) and noble gases (helium, neon) in the Atlantic Ocean since almost 30 years. We will use this expertise for an analyse of the subpolar North Atlantic as a potential hot spot of global change, especially with respect to hydrographic properties, anthropogenic carbon (derived from CFCs) and advection of melt water from the Greenland Ice sheets (derived from noble gas measurements).

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