Universitetet i Bergen (UiB)

Description of the organisation

The University of Bergen (UiB) is an internationally recognised research university with more than 14,500 students and close to 3,500 employees at 7 faculties (website: https://www.uib.no). Yearly around 250 candidates are awarded with a PhD degree. The University is engaged in the European Union’s Framework programmes for research and technological development and has been designated as a European Research Infrastructure and a Research Training Site in several scientific fields. UiB has so far completed more than 150 EU research projects, about 20% of them as coordinator. UiB is currently involved in 69 H2020 collaborative research projects, 18 of which it coordinates. UiB researchers and administrators receive professional support from a dedicated research support team consisting of advisers from different divisions like finance, research administration or communication during applications and for project management.

The Geophysical Institute (GFI) has attracted most EU funding of all institutes at UiB and is currently partner in 14 collaborative EU projects, one as coordinator. The Geophysical Institute at the UiB is the largest of such institute in Norway in physical and chemical oceanography, and by hosting the collaborative Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, it is equally a leading contributor to international climate research. GFI has in its strategic plan to continue to lead in both observational and modelling oriented studies of oceans and climate.

 Expertise particularly relevant to the project

Professional routines and structures within research support and administration and many years of experience with successful coordination and management (administrative, financial and data) of large collaborative EU projects make UiB a suitable candidate to coordinate this project. The GFI hosts the Bjerknes Climate Data Centre, an international data service centre for managing and archiving research data according to the FAIR principle, making UiB a suitable candidate for the project’s data management. The Biogeochemistry Group at UiB/GFI is specialised on ocean carbon observations and Earth system modelling. It has coordinated the GHG related projects CARBOOCEAN (IP, FP6) and CARBOCHANGE (large-scale integrating project, FP7). The group provides key contributions to international ocean data syntheses (SOCAT, GLODAP), to annual updates of the Global Carbon Budget, and to CMIP6 (coupled model intercomparison project phase 6).

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